-Life of their own-

I wonder how it would feel to hear a heart which has given a million pieces, a life of their own to live for. Would it sound like poetry? Would it calm the storms? Would it whisper stories at dawn? Would it embrace the chaos? Would it fix it all? -A.D.



I am stuck in a life where I am searching for something real, with a tinge of magic and love, with everything in between the blur and with everything in between the focus. -A.D.


With all these lights glowing down on this mortal world, yet it could never replace the immortal glow I find in your eyes. -A.D. |Instagram|


You stab me, and wound me, yet you are the one going through horizons to find me the remedy to this pain. -A.D. |Instagram|

-Summer Rain-

All so suddenly like the summer rain, words were poured down magically to erase your wounds, and yet again you have bloomed into a beautiful verse of poetry. -A.D.


The ruins of your memory have ruined me, and those are the only remains of our happily ever after that I once held onto. -A.D.

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