In some circumstances, it is better to sit back and watch as an audience instead of interfering in it as the actors we already are.



He is a piece of art. An art painted with his own tears. Carved in detail with his scars, creating his own literature. His eyes with a pitch-black story, swirling with endless worries. Flawed in every way possible, creating a beautiful disaster. Imperfection might be the way he showcases himself, but perfection might be the... Continue Reading →

-Is it my fault?-

Is it my fault for letting in, the demon that took over the power of controlling my life? Is it my fault for being a second choice to each and everyone? Is it my fault that my life has turned into a twisted tale? Is it my fault for being there for people who would... Continue Reading →


Let the tears stream down, because that's the only way to know that we are still alive.  -A.D. 

-Little did she know-

She believed in magic, miracles, and shooting stars. She believed in fairy-tales, wonderland and happily-ever-afters. She believed in monsters and knight in shining armor. But little did she know that, in this dreamy world; magic was discovered under ignited words, miracles will be seen in the burning passions of her own heart, and shooting stars... Continue Reading →


If you ever get collided and you blend within the Black and White lines forever. Change your demons to warriors, and go discover the greyscale as your escapade.  -A.D


Emptiness; a feeling, which precisely is not feeling sad or feeling lonely. It is a feeling with numbness, clouded thoughts and enduring flashbacks. That is what I am feeling right now I guess, I am letting the seconds tick by as I let myself sink within this emptiness. Whenever I feel like this, I just let... Continue Reading →

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