It is amazing how many achievements can a single human do in this world. Their success reaches to a complete extreme and sometimes when a normal person reads about their success, they start to wonder if they are capable of succeeding in life and if they will be like those great successors at one point... Continue Reading →


When everything turns into nothing, when life becomes blur with no focus, when all the colours of life has vanished away; would you still feel alive? -A.D.


Secret; a very sensitive word, a single and simple word that holds a lot more emotions and feelings in it. A word that would mess our minds if we ever try to figure it out. We all have secrets, don't we? Secrets, that we are all afraid to open up to others. Secrets, that won't... Continue Reading →

-Well, it is INTRO-TIME-

Hello Public, Well, let us start with an introduction shall we? Oh wait, the 'Hello Public' sounds like an introduction to YouTube videos (ignore that comment). So ya, here it goes, my name is Anusha (my friends and family call me, Anu and sometimes they call me MONKEY). I am just an ordinary girl with a... Continue Reading →

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