It's a castle of glass that I have been building so far, aware of the aftermath, I keep trapping myself inside shiny halls of glinting glasses. One crack and everything falls apart, destructing me and everything around in process. So if there is someone to blame for the destruction caused by this glass castle, then... Continue Reading →



I am a warrior of my own mind and a prisoner of my own heart. -A.D.

-Dusk & Dust-

I might just stay here forever in this land of dirt, watching the sun slowly slip away, making way for the moon to shine through in the darkness. I can go on and on, breathing and living as the blue sky turns into hues of magic, leaving whispers of hope in the air. 'Cause as... Continue Reading →

-Cracks and bruises-

Maybe just maybe, our worlds could collide and when it happens, will you be satisfied seeing all the dirt and magic that I have buried beneath the cracking lands that I call home or will you be the one falling into those cracks and blame me for your bruises? -A.D.


I dive into your lies each and everyday, hoping to survive the drown, hoping to breathe a little, hoping to live for a while. -A.D.


Sunsets and waves, I watch as the sun sets down in the bed of an endless ocean, illuminating a beautiful ending, sinking down all the colours and painting the sky in different hues of magic, planting a hope in my heart, allowing it to bloom through the cracks of my soul, allowing it to grow... Continue Reading →


Spread your wings, fly high, rule through the winds, build a castle of dreams and live in it as an emperor, who never gave up. -A.D.


I keep looking for light on the horizons of a broad daylight, never looking down, never looking away. I keep reaching for rays to let my lifeline beat, I keep my chin up absorbing the light that shades my darkness away. Ever absorbing, ever living, I stay that way thinking I am bound to live... Continue Reading →


Maybe I am leaving pieces of myself at the places I go and maybe that is why I feel empty by the end of the day. -A.D.

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