-Little did she know-

She believed in magic, miracles, and shooting stars. She believed in fairy-tales, wonderland and happily-ever-afters. She believed in monsters and knight in shining armor. But little did she know that, in this dreamy world; magic was discovered under ignited words, miracles will be seen in the burning passions of her own heart, and shooting stars... Continue Reading →



If you ever get collided and you blend within the Black and White lines forever. Change your demons to warriors, and go discover the greyscale as your escapade.  -A.D


Emptiness; a feeling, which precisely is not feeling sad or feeling lonely. It is a feeling with numbness, clouded thoughts and enduring flashbacks. That is what I am feeling right now I guess, I am letting the seconds tick by as I let myself sink within this emptiness. Whenever I feel like this, I just let... Continue Reading →

-Drifting away-

It is funny how a single person can change your whole life in a second. Eventually, we would start to wonder how our life would be without them. We would overthink and we would take cautious steps when it comes to that one special person in our lives.  As time ticks by, we would start... Continue Reading →


Blue sky, blending along with the wide blue ocean. Like sand, once you are washed in, you will never find your way back to the shore.  -A.D.

-To Give Up-

Have you ever felt like giving up on all the colours of happiness in your life? Have you ever felt like running away from all the monsters inside your head? Have you ever felt like disappearing into the thin air and wish you would never return back? On this very blooming Wednesday, as I look back... Continue Reading →


The tissue of the Life to be, we weave with colors all our own. And in the field of Destiny, we reap as we have sown. - John Greenleaf Whittier


It is amazing how many achievements can a single human do in this world. Their success reaches to a complete extreme and sometimes when a normal person reads about their success, they start to wonder if they are capable of succeeding in life and if they will be like those great successors at one point... Continue Reading →

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