Thanks for lighting up the fire inside my frozen soul. -A.D.



Despite all the nasty climates in life, the sun will still manage to shine. It will still manage to sprinkle a bit of sunshine to the life. -A.D.


In some circumstances, it is better to sit back and watch as an audience instead of interfering in it as the actors we already are.


Let the tears stream down, because that's the only way to know that we are still alive.  -A.D. 


If you ever get collided and you blend within the Black and White lines forever. Change your demons to warriors, and go discover the greyscale as your escapade.  -A.D


Blue sky, blending along with the wide blue ocean. Like sand, once you are washed in, you will never find your way back to the shore.  -A.D.


The tissue of the Life to be, we weave with colors all our own. And in the field of Destiny, we reap as we have sown. - John Greenleaf Whittier

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