-Skins and Bones-

She is made up of skins and bones, though people call her insane for the scars they painted on her. Her rusted, weakened bones could crave a million thousand stories out on the walls you passby, but who would even want to read a story filled with sadness, that could only bring tears out of... Continue Reading →



I have been so caught up with the person they have all described about; a person with eyes that could smile like those lost stars up there on the sky. A voice that holds magic which can soothe the storm raging inside others. A smile, like those sparkling fireworks lit on festivals to cherish. Kindness,... Continue Reading →

-Her Floral Dress-

Sitting by a window seat, watching the summer fade along with fading faces, I bid a goodbye. As the rain pours by, slipping down like a waterfall on the glass, running and chasing the little streams of water splashes, a smile forms leaving me in memories of a little girl getting excited over little things.... Continue Reading →

-Grown ups-

And we all grew up through it all didn't we? From losing people to mending our souls at dawn. From hearing good-byes from the ones whose "hello" we would cherish the whole day. From loving a person to losing them. From crying out loud to crying in silence. From being with friends to feeling all... Continue Reading →

-Four walls-

Within these four walls, within the midst of silence, the space between leaves us empty. With your words pouring out like rain in drought, it leaves me with the need to grasp for more, while the rain does nothing but to damage more, and I am left again with more cracks. Within the walls, are... Continue Reading →


I feel it all, the emotions swirling like a tornado, thoughts running wild like a wind. I feel it burning down in my heart, spreading like a wildfire in my chest and having ashes clogged up in my veins, stopping me from breathing in peace, making me feel waves of emotions that needs a pause,... Continue Reading →


Sunsets and waves, I watch as the sun sets down in the bed of an endless ocean, illuminating a beautiful ending, sinking down all the colours and painting the sky in different hues of magic, planting a hope in my heart, allowing it to bloom through the cracks of my soul, allowing it to grow... Continue Reading →


I keep looking for light on the horizons of a broad daylight, never looking down, never looking away. I keep reaching for rays to let my lifeline beat, I keep my chin up absorbing the light that shades my darkness away. Ever absorbing, ever living, I stay that way thinking I am bound to live... Continue Reading →


In a land of dirt and dust, be a rose with a petal-like character; soft, kind and beautiful. Sprinkling smiles like magic, turning the land into a heaven-like place to live upon, planting memories that does no harm to a soul, you would forever be remembered as the person who swept away the dirt and... Continue Reading →

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