-Four walls-

Within these four walls, within the midst of silence, the space between leaves us empty. With your words pouring out like rain in drought, it leaves me with the need to grasp for more, while the rain does nothing but to damage more, and I am left again with more cracks. Within the walls, are... Continue Reading →



I feel it all, the emotions swirling like a tornado, thoughts running wild like a wind. I feel it burning down in my heart, spreading like a wildfire in my chest and having ashes clogged up in my veins, stopping me from breathing in peace, making me feel waves of emotions that needs a pause,... Continue Reading →


Sunsets and waves, I watch as the sun sets down in the bed of an endless ocean, illuminating a beautiful ending, sinking down all the colours and painting the sky in different hues of magic, planting a hope in my heart, allowing it to bloom through the cracks of my soul, allowing it to grow... Continue Reading →


I keep looking for light on the horizons of a broad daylight, never looking down, never looking away. I keep reaching for rays to let my lifeline beat, I keep my chin up absorbing the light that shades my darkness away. Ever absorbing, ever living, I stay that way thinking I am bound to live... Continue Reading →


In a land of dirt and dust, be a rose with a petal-like character; soft, kind and beautiful. Sprinkling smiles like magic, turning the land into a heaven-like place to live upon, planting memories that does no harm to a soul, you would forever be remembered as the person who swept away the dirt and... Continue Reading →

-Abducted soul-

The girl who was staring at the mirror was no longer herself, she was broken inside and out, she could tell it by looking into her green eyes that, the lively forest green was no longer a home to the living souls inside her, it was a destructed home for many, a destructed home for... Continue Reading →

-Within the wind-

He was like the leaves on an autumn tree, falling, flying and free to the world. Never permanently living in a place, escaping within the wind, with the wind. Swiftly going through places where the flow of wind would take him, encrypting the secrets of unknown voices along with the wind. Rustling and rumbling within... Continue Reading →


Gazing through the windows, laid a land of skyscrapers, piercing its sharp edges into the horizon of the welcoming shades of yellow mixtures. Stepping onto the land, was a road filled with trees at the pathway, vehicles accelerating its way through daily marathons, people with heads raised up the air marching their ways towards their... Continue Reading →

-Disco lights-

Disco lights, beaming through our tamed selves turning us into the untamed ones. Stary night, sparkling our imperfections with the shadows of perfection. Rhythmic beats, blasting our dead hearts alive. Broadened smiles, making us sway through with happiness. Within this enclosed breezy vibrant air, their eyes met, sparkling a bit more than the stary night.... Continue Reading →

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