-Thank you-

HELLOOOO THERE, Alright the caps was unnecessary and you could just say how thrilled I am to see 500+ followers, like oh my goodness, how in the world is this possible (add tear filled eyes here). Haha alright, I am just being dramatic as usual but man this is huge for me, and this is... Continue Reading →


-Scraps of moments-

I carry everything that links me to a memory. I secure them in boxes and treasure them forever. Be it a piece of paper, a broken keychain, a scribbled note, a letter, a picture, an old journal, a dry rose, I carry it all, I have carried it all through my life. And this is... Continue Reading →


It's a castle of glass that I have been building so far, aware of the aftermath, I keep trapping myself inside shiny halls of glinting glasses. One crack and everything falls apart, destructing me and everything around in process. So if there is someone to blame for the destruction caused by this glass castle, then... Continue Reading →


I am a corpse, made out of flesh and veins, dead inside but, cursed to breathe, cursed to live, and cursed to feel. -A.D.


Darkness; it feels like you are stuck in a room with lights on, and yet you could feel it blinding you, allowing you to see nothing but darkness. I would never be able to escape from this darkness. It consumes me, drains all light emitting into my life and it pushes me into a defeating... Continue Reading →

-Silence within the Noise-

The silence you feel when you are surrounded by everyone is the worst kind of silence you would ever encounter. It's like drowning into an ocean while having everyone watch you drown into it. It weighs heavily in your heart, sinks inside your soul so deeply that it turns hard for you to ever trust... Continue Reading →

-Versatile Blogger Award-

Versatile Blogger Award I freaking got an award. And this is my very first one (Yay!). Thanks a ton for nominating me saideepti999 , I should totally say your blog is so wonderful, please check her blog, I could guarantee you that you would fall in love with her words. -Rules- Nominate 15 bloggers and... Continue Reading →

-Ranting out the Changes-

We were taught to never hurt anyone, but why are we now throwing harsh words as bullets that would pierce through our hearts? We never had an idea of what self-harm was, but look at us now drawing scars on our skins like drawing lines on a plain paper. We were taught to apply ointments... Continue Reading →

-A crime called kindness-

Have you ever came across a person, sitting off in the background, staring deeply at nothing but nowhere? Have you ever wondered, why they are on the blurred background of an image? What fault did they do to deserve this kind of treatment? Maybe being kind to others was their fault, you know. Kindness; a... Continue Reading →

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