I am slowly slipping into a state of dysphoria, where everything is a dysfunction, breathing and breathing, I lay myself onto this bed of sadness, drowning myself with the tears, I stay awake, watching the ceiling slowly blur away.

Kept wondering and wandering to all the corners of darkness, finding answers to the unknown effect of this sadness, I lay awake, slowly allowing myself for the breezy wind to take my soul away from a world filled with pain.

I haven’t grown old, I haven’t aged with experience, I haven’t lived my dreams, though being young and free, here I am, trapped in my thoughts, growing tired of the person I have become.

Gone was the person filled with happiness and kindness, laying down was a person drowning with tears, turning those little drops filled with enormous emotions to acids that could burn the skin alive, wide open was the window allowing air to run wild along with the thoughts, vanishing the kindness from the heart, finishing the endless thoughts from the mind, long gone was the person I used to be, long gone was the heart that used to beat.

As the night was lived by, all that remained was a heart, cold as an ice, a soul mimed with lies and a mind quite as the night.



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