I feel it all,

the emotions swirling like a tornado,

thoughts running wild like a wind.

I feel it

burning down in my heart,

spreading like a wildfire in my chest


having ashes clogged up in my veins,

stopping me from breathing in peace,

making me feel waves of emotions that needs a pause,

yet everything is in dust,

everything is in a blur,

yet everything still makes me a human,

yet the heart still beats for my own

soul as the clock ticks by.



40 thoughts on “-Human-

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      1. My pleasure. 😊 I just wanted an escape from everything, I had to find a way to take out the bottled up words, so I just chose this path. And here I am at a point where writing just makes me genuinely happy. 🎉 haha how about you? I mean your blog is fantabulous as well.

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      2. Wow that’s so awesome 😇✨. Well for me I wanted to inspire people in the way I can because I saw lots of my friends giving up and not trying harder for their goals. And it made me sad. So that was my intention when I started this one 😊. And by the grace of good people here I have got a strong support and my writing and posts are all welcomed with both hands 😇

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      3. Thank you so much Anusha 😇. Please stay in touch with me ok and my posts 😊. Btw are you there on Instagram? Because I have lost of quotes in my page ( I am a quote writer too ). So if you can please do visit my insta page and let me know your thoughts as well 😇

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