-Thank you-


Alright the caps was unnecessary and you could just say how thrilled I am to see 500+ followers, like oh my goodness, how in the world is this possible (add tear filled eyes here). Haha alright, I am just being dramatic as usual but man this is huge for me, and this is a thanking message to each and every one who stops by at my blog and reads them.

Here it goes. (Grabs a mic)

Thanks a ton to each and every one to begin with, I never thought this blog would reach this far and people would actually read what I write, “dream come true” moment for me actually haha. I know I write stuff that are mostly all moody, sad and mushy, and I do apologize for it, I’ll just try my very best to write happy and motivational stuff I guess, no promises though haha.

Please forgive me for the errors that I have caused in my blogs, I am not that good of a writer and all I do is encrypt my feelings into words so ya haha. All the credits goes to you all cause without you guys giving my blog all the support, this wouldn’t have come real.

So thank you for everything, for the love and all, for putting a smile on my face while reading your feed-backs for what I write, for spending your time in reading my works and most importantly thanks a ton for being a part of my journey.

Have a nice day. ❤



P.s.: Oh btw I am a co-writer in one of the most awesome writing community here; Virtual Library, please do check it and there are a lot of talented writers in that community writing wonderfully and beautifully. Thanks again. 🙂


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  1. hey co-writer!I came to your blog through virtual library as a co-writer, and I love your personal blog too.congrats on 500+ followers,thats so inspiring!Love your writing style as usual!Keep doing you<3

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