-Versatile Blogger Award-

Versatile Blogger Award

I freaking got an award. And this is my very first one (Yay!). Thanks a ton for nominating me saideepti999 , I should totally say your blog is so wonderful, please check her blog, I could guarantee you that you would fall in love with her words.


Nominate 15 bloggers and write a post on 7 facts about yourself.


  1. anee23 (Darls! My bff! My twin! En udanpira sagothiriyae! haha) – Girl you freaking deserve this award darls, you may ask why, and that’s because you have been my remedy in so many things before I found writing as my remedy. Bleh, even now, you are my remedy. Thanks for being my super close best friend, and if there was a “BEST BFF AWARD”, I would totally give to you girl. I love you to the moon and back, cheers to our 5 years of friendship and more!! (I know it’s a bit long but a girl got to appreciate her bff, you know haha.) We even did a collab together (-Cursed-), and we might totally do more collabs in the future.
  2. Megha’s World – I totally love your blog, your words, they have this magic in which it lures me into reading them over and over again, and I know as a matter of fact that everyone would feel the same way when they read your works. I know you have gotten a numerous amount of awards but still haha and thank you so much for sparking a hope inside me whenever I read your works.
  3. A Random Guy Wrote Words Down – You totally deserve this award! Your blog leaves a light and you actually deserve everything that leaves a bliss within your heart. The way you present darkness as light through your words are beyond magic. Please keep writing.
  4. charisma – I am super glad that I actually followed your blog, you have such an awesome collection of poems. They are like butterflies beautifying the whole place. Keep writing and all the very best for your exams.
  5. The Jessica Effect – Your words are like little flames that are capable of turning into a wildfire. Your poems are short and they all are so deep. Please keep writing.
  6. candlelitroads – I am so glad that I found your blog. Your blog is a treasure island with words sparkling bright as the diamonds and I am sure that your readers are walking along the candle lit roads, that leads them to the treasure island (your blog). Please keep writing.
  7. Srijan. – Your words, they just leave me speechless, they shine brighter than all the stars put together (you know how much I love the stars so ya haha). It is funny how we used to send emails back and forth regarding the collaboration we never got to do. So let us do a collaboration at least once haha. I love all your works and keep spreading your words that are like lyrics which stays upon our hearts forever.
  8. Courtney Worthy – It has been a really long time that we have chatted, and I hope you are doing well. I am nominating you for this award because it really takes a brave soul to voice out their thoughts to a complete stranger, and you have even trusted this complete stranger. So thank you for trusting me into sharing your stories with me. You can totally relay on me if you ever need a person to talk with.
  9. xtina – I just came across your blog yesterday and your words are already like symphonies, enchanting magic within them. Keep rocking with your fashion and with your words.
  10. aworldwithwordsandwires – Your words are wires that pulls the reality together in a wonderful way, mainly the post At Times. Keep sharing your thoughts.
  11. innervoiceessence – The inner voice inside you is actually a loud thunder that strikes with powerful words. Glad that I followed your blog.
  12. QuenZombie – Your posts are all a mixture of pure honesty and vivid emotions. Each and every entries are so raw and thank you so much for the book recommendations. You deserve all the awards in this world. Oh by the way, I hope you would publish your books one day.
  13. Rahul Gaur – All your contents in your blog are more than wonderful. Your writings, they actually have a secret ingredient that makes your blog unique. I am so happy that I found your blog. Please keep sharing this magic everywhere.
  14. wanderer894 – I am so in love with your paintings that it made me even follow you up at Instagram haha. Your paintings, they have their own language that speaks with our soul. Please keep sharing your works.
  15. TrixiaCamille – GIRLLLL! MY BEST FRIEND FROM PARADIZE WHO IS ACTUALLY NOW AT AMSTERDAMMMM! I nominate this award to you, because you were actually the one who persuaded me into opening up this blog. Your posts? Nah, I have nothing to tell about them cause all are simply awesome and even your free elective teacher, our dearest principle approved the post IF, remember? Haha. I miss ya girl come back soon to Thailand and love ya loads.

-Facts About Me-

  1. Okay fact number 1, I am 18 doing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, majoring in Network and Technology. Settled in Thailand, but I am from Tamilnadu, India.
  2. I am super shy at first, but trust me once you get to know me, it would be like meeting an alien from alternative universe whose defense mechanism would be throwing sarcastic comments and throwing pretty awesome jokes.
  3. I overthink a lot, way a lot that has even made myself turn into an enemy to my own soul.
  4. I find it hard to trust people, I don’t know why but I have been having this trouble since I was a kid.
  5. I love to make people smile, I just love to see them have this bright smile that you know sparkles their whole face. It is just a wonderful sight to behold.
  6. I have an endless amount of love for the sky, and the stars, I guess you have figured it out through my posts haha.
  7. I would proudly define, ice-cream as the best invention that the man has ever made. Ice-cream lover forever and ever.

Thank you again for nominating me, I would forever showcase this award. I would also like to apologize to the nominees for not asking you guys whether it was okay to nominate or not. Sorry for the errors and this super long post.

Thanks a ton for being a part of my journey.



(P.s.: Another fun fact, I apologize a lot, even for little things so please excuse me haha.)

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  1. Awesome Congratulations!! Anusha.The first always is a special one.Wishing you many more. You totally deserve this,
    Thanks for the nomination.Will do my bit.I’m a little lazy in replying to rewards….hope you will understand.Happy blogging sweetheart!!

    Liked by 2 people

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