-Ranting out the Changes-

We were taught to never hurt anyone, but why are we now throwing harsh words as bullets that would pierce through our hearts?

We never had an idea of what self-harm was, but look at us now drawing scars on our skins like drawing lines on a plain paper.

We were taught to apply ointments to heal the wounds quickly, but why is it that now, no ointments can heal such wounds caused on our souls?

We were taught to put bandages on scars, but here we are carrying scars that no bandages could ever fix, and we are carrying along with us, engulfed forever as our history that goes by our name.

Painting a picture in different colours could never bore us when we were kids, but now we are painting off the colours from our lives and wondering why we are living a colourless life.

Hide and seek could always spark a dull moment when we were little kids, and here we are now playing hide and seek with the demons that we never invited into our lives.

Marry-go-round used be our favorite go-to ride in our near-by parks, but on one ever told us we would be going in circles for a life-time, even if we break the loop, jump out of it, we fracture our hearts, and get bruised with pain.

Candies would forever be the first thing we look-out for, when we step into a store, but now we are looking out for antidepressant pills, to numb our souls.

“Sharing is caring,” we lived by that phrase when we were little, sharing whatever we had with our friends, jumping out of joy when they would give us a smile afterwards, but here we are now filling our hearts with treasures we fail to share.

Envy; the word that only meant when other kids would have our favourite toys treasured on their hands, and that wrath would stay in our hearts just for a matter of time but, look at us now getting envious to perfect faces, perfect characteristics, planting jealousy for the kind of perfectness that is nonexistent to this world. We keep looking for perfectness, growing envious, that we have failed to acknowledge the happiness laid in front of us.

Lying was a sin when we were kids, we would be scared to even utter a lie knowing that our parents would punish us, but why is it now that we lie each and everyday uttering the phrase, “I am fine,” and how come that lie goes away unnoticed?

Growing up was all we wanted when we were little, and nobody told us growing up would change everything we held once closely to our hearts, and nobody told us growing up was actually going to a battlefield with no armor around us.

When we looked up, we would look at the endless sky and want to escape the blue lid that has our earth trapped within, we would always ponder over the thought of escaping and discovering what is beyond the blue sky, how the moon would feel like under our feet and how many stars we could count on a beautiful night sky. We wouldn’t even have guessed that right now, all we want would be an escape from our own minds. We are no longer trapped under skies or walls, though we are trapped inside our own minds and dwelling over an illusion that we are actually trapped inside a place with no escape from it.

The list could go on and on and I would never get tired of comparing the changes and pondering over the thought of how everything went wrong at some point in life. Not to mention that nobody gave us a guidebook as how to live our lives, but here we are writing our own stories and living by the rules that our hearts have chosen to obey.

We were deluded from the very start but here we are leading our lives in a way that our little-selves would never have imagined of.


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I hope everyone are doing well, thank you so much if you have read it till the end haha, it still amazes me to know that people are reading my posts. So thanks a ton. What I wrote up there is me, ranting over the changes that I have felt so far and no harm done, I know there are people out there leading their lives in a very great way and see life in a different aspect so ya, this is just me venting out my thoughts.

What else could I say, oh if anyone wants to vent about something, please feel free to do so or if you want to point out more changes that you have felt then go ahead and comment it below.

I apologize, if there are some errors up there and thank you so much for reading it. Oh and thank for following my blog, you guys have no idea how this blog has helped me recover a few issues that has dwelled over in my heart since forever. I actually never thought that writing could be a remedy to so many stuff and I am actually surprised to see the changes within me.

There I go again, ranting about stuff again haha, excuse me though.

Thank you so much again and again and again. *takes a bow*




21 thoughts on “-Ranting out the Changes-

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  1. Hi Anusha – lovely piece of writing, I’m glad to know that writing has become a therapeutic art for you. I also feel the same way about it. Thank you also for taking the time to pass by my blog 🙂

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    1. Hey, thank you so much and yes writing away our thoughts is such a great relief. I just came across your post “Afraid” and it captivated me. It is such a great and beautiful post, keep writing. 😊😊💙

      Liked by 1 person

  2. haha i did read it to the end and it truly is the best remedy!! This poem spoke to me on so many levels and just felt very relatable. That is why I love to write poetry. Speaking our truth through creative writing is the best coping mechanism that I have found for myself and I always hope to inspire people along the way…I can assure you that you have inspired me!! Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad that you could relate to this! And yep writing lets us take down the weight thats been in our minds. And thank you so much for reading it till the very end. Means a lot to me haha. 💙😊😊

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