-A crime called kindness-

Have you ever came across a person, sitting off in the background, staring deeply at nothing but nowhere?

Have you ever wondered, why they are on the blurred background of an image?

What fault did they do to deserve this kind of treatment?

Maybe being kind to others was their fault, you know.

Kindness; a quality of being friendly and so generous.

(Mind voice: Woah, you just told them the meaning of kindness, you think they don’t know what is means? My oh-so-awesome-self: Shatapp! I just wanted to sound professional, you know.)

*If my mind voice had a face then she would be eye-rolling at my oh-so-stupid-self*

(There I go again with my immature talks.)

(Okay back to the topic. Take 2.)

Kindness; a quality of being friendly and so generous.

I never knew being kind was a crime. People just use them as a door-mat, they just approach them when they need something from them. If that person is not useful then they just easily put them in the background and sometimes even worse, they get bullied, just because they don’t live-up to other people’s expectation.

No one tends to go and reach out for that person, you know? They just let them be, and I guess people won’t even notice if that person ever disappears, just like that, boom, they disappear and people would still not notice. Even if someone tries to help them, they would end up on the blurred side of the image.

Being the kind of person who pours out all their affection for everyone could be tired of it too, you know. A person, who is always ready to go miles and miles just for their loved ones, sometimes wishes someone would go miles for them as well. They give and give all their pieces until they are left with nothing but an empty soul, they too need someone to fill their soul. They might put on a bright smile to hide all the pain, but trust me that person also needs someone to look at their dimmed-side of their bright smiles and to be there for them.

One look at them and you would almost believe that everything is pitch-perfect, but truth to be told, beyond all those layers of happiness and sweetness, lays a person who is trying to win a battle within themselves. A person like that deserves the kind of love that they pour out. They deserve someone who would stay through all their battles, someone who would put them as their first priority. They won’t hate you if you leave them, they will still help you and wish you all the happiness in your life.

They don’t deserve to be a backup plan, they just don’t. They are humans too, so why treat them like an option? They don’t deserve to be unloved; they deserve all the love in this universe.

If you need them, they would be your anchor, protecting you from drowning deep into the ocean. But will you be there for them? Will you be their anchor? Are you ready to take a leap and save them from drowning?

We have come across bunches of talks, stories, writings about bullying, depression, anxiety, and so on. Each and everyday we have seen about it, we have heard about it, we have talked about it and some has even gone through it. And yet, it still keeps on happening, the slow, toxic action that rips and tears us apart.

After all in this world, being kind is a crime I guess.

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I hope you all are doing well, if not then take a moment to think about happy thoughts, or maybe think about ice-creams. Okay, I should stop goofing around. I know my blog is like so depressed and all haha, I try to write about happy stuff but then I just end-up writing like this.

So, thanks a ton, if you have read it till here. It actully feels great to know that someome is reading all my messed-up thoughts. I never actully knew writing would be a great escape from reality. Oh btw, sorry for the errors and I actually didn’t mean everyone in this post haha, there are some wonderful souls out there helping all they can.



P.s.: If life is giving you a tough time, then be a tougher competitor to your own life. 😊💙


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