-Drifting away-

It is funny how a single person can change your whole life in a second. Eventually, we would start to wonder how our life would be without them. We would overthink and we would take cautious steps when it comes to that one special person in our lives.

As time ticks by, we would start losing them. Slowly and painfully, we lose them. And forever; that would be the most painful feelings we would have ever felt. The ‘heart-clenching’, kind of pain, the ‘I am worthless’, kind of pain and the ‘where did it all go wrong?’, kind of pain. All kind of emotions would be swirling inside our messed up minds. We could actually feel it inside us, we would feel them drifting slowly away from us. It would feel like someone is tearing you into peices, and it is crazy how you could actually feel it in your heart.

When they leave us, use us for their own needs and blame us for not being enough, all we do, is to let their words and actions cut through us. Like a hurricane destroying a place, they destroy our everything. They make us think we are not worth anyone in this world anymore. They make us build a wall around our hearts and make us think that everyone would be like them. They make us feel insecure of everything and everyone. And at one point in life, we just give up, give up on our dreams, on people who actually cares about us and on our life. Just because of one wrong person, we give it all up.

In the end, that is life I guess, a life in which hearts break, tears flow endlessly, dreams end just because of one person and sometimes, just sometimes, the beauty in life is to push them aside and to live happily without them, to overcome the pain, to turn the pain into strength and to find ourselves inside our broken soul.



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  1. This speaks eloquently to the recent sudden loss of a relationship I felt to be lasting and loving. It was, just not on their part. They left, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. The pain still lasts but I am slowly recovering.

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