-To Give Up-

Have you ever felt like giving up on all the colours of happiness in your life?

Have you ever felt like running away from all the monsters inside your head?

Have you ever felt like disappearing into the thin air and wish you would never return back?

On this very blooming Wednesday, as I look back at my life all I could think of, are the facts of how far I have come through, how I have been fighting all my mind battles and how I have been running away from them at the same time. And to think about it, I have no idea how I managed to come this far.

Life; it has a very twisted way of playing its game I guess. One day, it would give the idea of how perfect our life is and the other day it would be like, “EH , HERE COMES A TORNADO, ALL THE BEST FIGHTING WITH IT.”  And sometimes, when that happens, we give up, we would just give up and let the idea of the tornado sink within ourselves.

(I don’t know about others, but I give up when my life throws that kind of stuff at me. And currently my mind voice be like: WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY HERE ANUSHA? Me: SHAT APP! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM TYPING TOO, LOL. Okay, back to the topic…)

Sometimes, it is okay to give up on things I guess, but that does not mean that we can give up forever and settle up for nothing. By giving up, I meant by giving it up for sometime. We are humans too, and we of course get tired of the tantrums that life throws at us.

So, having a hard time? Take deep breaths, don’t let your mind take you to the corners of the dungeons, stop, stare and admire at all the beautiful things around us. It is our life after all, we are the ones that are responsible for its destruction and its creation. This life, is our very own battlefield.

[P.S.: Sorry for this useless post. Haha, didn’t know what to do, so just typed what came up to my mind.

*I should go study for my finals, ah now I understand why I feel like giving up on everything, I am going through the oh-so-miserable-finals-week.*Image result for finals

Adios, I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and stay happyyy.]

*Closes the door of WordPress with a mindset of studying for my finals.*





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