When everything turns into nothing,

when life becomes blur with no focus,

when all the colours of life has vanished away;

would you still feel alive?



12 thoughts on “-Numb-

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  1. I feel this poem Its amazing and I try to feel alive but I hung onto something for so long it made me weak when i had to let go It was hard to do want i did and I am gone say this but I once cut’ed myself 2 yrs ago because my ex left me because my old friend told him i was cheating so he left me in a letter she wanted to date him but they did dated after he broke up with me so i have one scar another one in October of this year and 14 more on thanksgiving on Tuesday at 2 am in the morning i had so much on my mind and i have things that i think about when i was little til now and at my church i am getting bullied. The teen girls their they look at me then look away and laughs and stares and points at my cloths and whenever i have no make-up no one really talks to me but when i have make up on everyone is talking to me and plus i sometimes tell myself i’m not pretty i’m fat so they can be happy i’m suffering and i always Am i pretty enough to hang out with the cool kids? Or will i ever fall in love again? Or will i EVER find time to make myself happy? Because i try to make everyone else happy And plus i stay quite so they can be happy I stay quite so i’m not in the way


    1. Hey, you are beautiful alright.. YOU ARE…AND NEVER THINK YOU ARE NOT WORTH IT.. you are worth everything in this world, everyone are unique in there own ways and some people they are just so blinded that they don’t see the beauty in everything. And don’t ever scar your beautiful soul for someone who doesn’t know every possible ways to your heart. They are not worth it, let them be, let them go, embrace yourself with happiness and even if we all feel numb at one point in life we got to seek through the loopholes of numbness and grasp our way out of it. We got to do it you know escape from this, because as everyone says and knows, we are the only ones capable of saving ourselves by the end of the day.

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      1. You are so right, But before i quit going to my church i was getting bullied at my church every Wednesday i was getting stared at, talked about,pointed at, Be laughed about how i stink which i never stink’ed But when i got on the church van this one who looked at me while she sat and Looked away and Cover’d her nose up and said it stinks on this Van i got home in tears and my mom said wants wrong i said stupid girls but i ain’t gone say her name anyways i ran to my room and i have once cutted myself 1 scar 2 years ago my ex broke up with me through a letter and 1 more in October And 14 more on the day of thanksgiving at 2 am in the morning i had so much on my mind and i was thinking about my ex who i left and my mom and family knows now but my mom doesn’t know that i’v been thinking about it lately it helps me get the pain out but i don’t cry i cry every night more then i do in a day everynight i cry wondering if i will ever be good enough to hang with the cool kids


      2. Seriously, don’t let the past eat you up alive please, just stay strong. I know sometimes our past would give us a hell of a pain, but we have no other choices to live through, we learn you know we learn to not move away from it you know..we move on carrying all the pain along with us.. nut trust me one day life would be better.. one day it will happen. We just have to hold on until that.. and please don’t thank me.. this is the least I could do for you.. 💙 oh btw, when you want to talk about something.. about anything. Email me (ad3599@gmail.com). Just know that you have been through it all so of course you can go through whatever life still throws at you.. eventually you would emerge strong.. stronger than you would ever be..💙💙


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