It is amazing how many achievements can a single human do in this world. Their success reaches to a complete extreme and sometimes when a normal person reads about their success, they start to wonder if they are capable of succeeding in life and if they will be like those great successors at one point in life.

A dream can be anything, it can be something that we jotted down in our bucket-list, it can be our everyday wishes, it can be something about our passion and something we dreamt to be since we were kids.

The moment we achieve our dream, our heart will scream in joy no matter how small our dream is or how big our dream is. Success is not something that will gain us popularity, it is not a history that the world will read everyday, it is not something that will put our names in a huge spot just because of our success. Success is all about satisfying our own heart. It is something that will make you reach a different level of happiness. Just because you can’t achieve something that your heart wants, don’t just give up, stick to your passion of winning in life. You don’t have to prove to the world what success you did in life. Maybe after 20 years, success is all about rewinding the things you achieved when you were young, the dreams you fulfilled just because you wanted to, the wishes your heart whispered to you when you were lonely and just by thinking about those achievements, a smile will appear on your face and you will be proud of yourself.

If the world says, SKY IS YOUR LIMIT, break that limit because sky was never a limit, even the universe is not a limit. Don’t listen to people when they say NO to your dreams, listen to your brain which wants you to be happy by achieving your dreams. Listen to heart which asks you to give life to your passion.



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  1. Completely agree! The sky is not your limit.
    My experience has taught me never to listen to the naysayers. Surround yourself with people of like mind and stay focused on your dream. Because only you can make your dreams come through.

    My blog is essentially about how to do away with distractions that hinder dream actualization. You might want to check it out: http://www.storieswithoutborder.wordpress.com/


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