Secret; a very sensitive word, a single and simple word that holds a lot more emotions and feelings in it. A word that would mess our minds if we ever try to figure it out.

We all have secrets, don’t we? Secrets, that we are all afraid to open up to others. Secrets, that won’t let us blink our eyes in the dawn. Secrets, that would give us the pain and take away the colours that once we had in our lives. The kind of secrets we carry each and every day and protect it no matter the cost. We all live in fears, when it comes to keeping a secret. We all get so riled up when someone asks us about it or when someone tries to figure it out and sometimes eventually, the fear would start swallowing us alive.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could just open up about it to others? Wouldn’t we feel relieved, to finally let go of the secret? But no, we won’t be feeling relieved, once we let it out, we start wondering whether we are being judged or not. But hey, aren’t we all afraid of being judged? Thus, being judged becomes another fear that would bug us. We all are afraid to be judged in this world. No matter how much we deny it, we all care about other people’s perspectives. So just because of the fear of being judged, we won’t tell a single soul about the secret and hence, they become a part of us, they become the stories of our lives.

Once, it starts to mend with our soul, we slowly start to forget about it. The secrets would start to fade away within ourselves. We tend to think its all over, but deep down we all know that it is still there, waiting to be released. Deep down, we know that someday the fear would start over all again and we would be going on circles about the same thing again and again. Deep down, we all know that theses secrets were never meant be locked away. No matter what, we all know that it would find its way out.

Like the sun rising everyday, and filling the world with its shining rays, a truth can never be hidden for so long, right? The truth, it will always make its way out and after all, they come out with their own consequences. But as wise as it has always been said, “We all have stories, that we’ll never tell.” After all, no one really knows what other people have on their minds and how it would be to live their lives.



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