Thanks for lighting up the fire inside my frozen soul. -A.D.



Like the moonlight, flashing your way through my dawn, sprinkling up my life with your smile that would light my world up like the field of a million stars. Covering my darkness and blending your way through my life, you woke me up from my dreams to show the real world of the beautiful night-life.... Continue Reading →


Despite all the nasty climates in life, the sun will still manage to shine. It will still manage to sprinkle a bit of sunshine to the life. -A.D.

-A crime called kindness-

Have you ever came across a person, sitting off in the background, staring deeply at nothing but nowhere? Have you ever wondered, why they are on the blurred background of an image? What fault did they do to deserve this kind of treatment? Maybe being kind to others was their fault, you know. Kindness; a... Continue Reading →


In some circumstances, it is better to sit back and watch as an audience instead of interfering in it as the actors we already are.


He is a piece of art. An art painted with his own tears. Carved in detail with his scars, creating his own literature. His eyes with a pitch-black story, swirling with endless worries. Flawed in every way possible, creating a beautiful disaster. Imperfection might be the way he showcases himself, but perfection might be the... Continue Reading →

-Is it my fault?-

Is it my fault for letting in, the demon that took over the power of controlling my life? Is it my fault for being a second choice to each and everyone? Is it my fault that my life has turned into a twisted tale? Is it my fault for being there for people who would... Continue Reading →


Let the tears stream down, because that's the only way to know that we are still alive.  -A.D. 

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