I feel it all, the emotions swirling like a tornado, thoughts running wild like a wind. I feel it burning down in my heart, spreading like a wildfire in my chest and having ashes clogged up in my veins, stopping me from breathing in peace, making me feel waves of emotions that needs a pause,... Continue Reading →


-Broken pieces-

A brave person is the one, who would never let their own broken shards pierce through others. -A.D.

-Thank you-

HELLOOOO THERE, Alright the caps was unnecessary and you could just say how thrilled I am to see 500+ followers, like oh my goodness, how in the world is this possible (add tear filled eyes here). Haha alright, I am just being dramatic as usual but man this is huge for me, and this is... Continue Reading →


The vibrant colours of your soul has been captured like those paintings framed in museums. No matter what, never let it fade away. No matter what, never allow it to slip away. You are beautiful in your own way, so never let your colours slip away just like that. 💙 -A.D.

-Scraps of moments-

I carry everything that links me to a memory. I secure them in boxes and treasure them forever. Be it a piece of paper, a broken keychain, a scribbled note, a letter, a picture, an old journal, a dry rose, I carry it all, I have carried it all through my life. And this is... Continue Reading →

-Shooting stars-

I have been whispering wishes upon stars that falls off dead, and how silly of me to think that, the shooting stars could actually hear my wishes. -A.D.


It's a castle of glass that I have been building so far, aware of the aftermath, I keep trapping myself inside shiny halls of glinting glasses. One crack and everything falls apart, destructing me and everything around in process. So if there is someone to blame for the destruction caused by this glass castle, then... Continue Reading →

-Dusk & Dust-

I might just stay here forever in this land of dirt, watching the sun slowly slip away, making way for the moon to shine through in the darkness. I can go on and on, breathing and living as the blue sky turns into hues of magic, leaving whispers of hope in the air. 'Cause as... Continue Reading →

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