-Life of their own-

I wonder how it would feel to hear a heart which has given a million pieces, a life of their own to live for. Would it sound like poetry? Would it calm the storms? Would it whisper stories at dawn? Would it embrace the chaos? Would it fix it all? -A.D.



I am slowly slipping into a state of dysphoria, where everything is a dysfunction, breathing and breathing, I lay myself onto this bed of sadness, drowning myself with the tears, I stay awake, watching the ceiling slowly blur away. Kept wondering and wandering to all the corners of darkness, finding answers to the unknown effect... Continue Reading →


I am stuck in a life where I am searching for something real, with a tinge of magic and love, with everything in between the blur and with everything in between the focus. -A.D.

-Skins and Bones-

She is made up of skins and bones, though people call her insane for the scars they painted on her. Her rusted, weakened bones could crave a million thousand stories out on the walls you passby, but who would even want to read a story filled with sadness, that could only bring tears out of... Continue Reading →

-Kind Souls-

To all the kind souls giving out love with no limits, if it weren't for you, this world would have been a cruel place to live in. To all the human souls still inhaling sadness but exhaling happiness through it all, if it weren't for you, there would be no flowers blooming in our lives.... Continue Reading →


With all these lights glowing down on this mortal world, yet it could never replace the immortal glow I find in your eyes. -A.D. |Instagram|


I have been so caught up with the person they have all described about; a person with eyes that could smile like those lost stars up there on the sky. A voice that holds magic which can soothe the storm raging inside others. A smile, like those sparkling fireworks lit on festivals to cherish. Kindness,... Continue Reading →


You stab me, and wound me, yet you are the one going through horizons to find me the remedy to this pain. -A.D. |Instagram|

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