Being a mystical source of magic, she is up there, shimmering like a magic ball on the ocean of darkness, shinning brighter than millions of lights put together. Living far away from clusters of stars, giving us an illusion that she was never alone in the sky. She could enchant anyone with her magic, healing... Continue Reading →



Your promises would forever be tattooed on my heart and your lies would forever be imprinted as scars on my skin. -A.D.

-Abducted soul-

The girl who was staring at the mirror was no longer herself, she was broken inside and out, she could tell it by looking into her green eyes that, the lively forest green was no longer a home to the living souls inside her, it was a destructed home for many, a destructed home for... Continue Reading →

-Within the wind-

He was like the leaves on an autumn tree, falling, flying and free to the world. Never permanently living in a place, escaping within the wind, with the wind. Swiftly going through places where the flow of wind would take him, encrypting the secrets of unknown voices along with the wind. Rustling and rumbling within... Continue Reading →


If someone plucks me off from my home; my stem. Will your sun rays still protect me and allow me to live longer? -A.D.


Gazing through the windows, laid a land of skyscrapers, piercing its sharp edges into the horizon of the welcoming shades of yellow mixtures. Stepping onto the land, was a road filled with trees at the pathway, vehicles accelerating its way through daily marathons, people with heads raised up the air marching their ways towards their... Continue Reading →


He was like the wind allowing everyone to breathe, forgetting that he also needed the intoxicated air to breathe without trouble. -A.D.

-Disco lights-

Disco lights, beaming through our tamed selves turning us into the untamed ones. Stary night, sparkling our imperfections with the shadows of perfection. Rhythmic beats, blasting our dead hearts alive. Broadened smiles, making us sway through with happiness. Within this enclosed breezy vibrant air, their eyes met, sparkling a bit more than the stary night.... Continue Reading →

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